Introducing: The 1-Page Wedding Plan™

The best way to get the most out of your wedding budget is to have a plan.

Imagine knowing exactly how to pull off the most beautiful, authentic, and memorable wedding at a fraction of the average wedding cost. That number is NOT $35,000 like the big wedding planning companies will have you believe.

We’ve created the 1-Page Wedding Plan to solve your wedding budgeting problems. Whatever your financial goals, our plan ensures you have a perfectly YOU wedding and start your marriage strong. And the best part is, Honeyfund’s 1-Page Wedding Plan actually shows you how to have money in the bank on the first day of your marriage.

  • You’ll have the wedding of your dreams, no matter your budget.

  • You'll have emergency savings(something 46% of millennials don’t have!).

  • You'll budget for your next big goal, like buying a house.

  • You'll have some leftover money for travel adventures, so you can prioritize your love and time together.